4 missing children found in an abandoned house.

4 Young girls from a local village in Prakhon Chai District, Buriram Province went missing on the 7th of this month. The villagers were extremely worried and decided to visit a monk at a local temple to help find the children. The monk meditated and saw that the girls were hiding in an abandoned home.


A news show from Channel 3 aired the story on the 8th. The local Buriram rescue team were notified of the missing children. Together with over 200 villagers started the search for the 4 young girls. The girls went out to play at 16.00, but when the parents realized that all 4 children had not returned home at 21.00 they started to get worried about the girls’ safety.


Credit: Sanook
Credit: Sanook


Villagers went to a monk at Wat Nong Muang and asked him to meditate to see where the children are and whether they were safe. The monk informed the villagers that all 4 are currently safe and are hiding in an abandoned house. The monk stated that they must search for the children somewhere in the northwest of the area.


The villagers trusted the monk as he was a highly respected individual in the area. They followed his instructions and found the children sleeping in an abandoned house at 22.30 on the same night. When the girls saw lights flashing they were crying happy tears after being found.


Turns out the 4 girls are all relatives and at 14.00 they decided to go swimming at a lake located behind the village. They had so much fun that they forgot the time until it was dark. The girls didn’t want to get punished so they found an abandoned home and decided to stay there for the night.




The girls might’ve thought it was a fun idea to have a sleepover at an abandoned house, but after a few hours, the excitement turned into fear.


FB Caption: The monk informed the villagers that the 4 children are currently safe and are hiding in an abandoned house.


Source: Sanook, morning-news.bectero.com