4 teenagers arrested after Live Songkran water wars.

The 4 teenagers were arrested in Roi Et Province after live broadcasting their Songkran water wars. This year Thailand has moved its national holidays as a safety regulation to minimize the spread of COVID-19. Songkran is Thailand’s New Year and the biggest celebration where people all over the nation join in a giant water war throughout a period of about 1 week. The 4 teenagers went wild and decided to break the emergency decree, they got the attention they were searching for and joined the after-party at the police station.


Credit: INN News


The group of teenagers went live on social media splashing each other with water along with drinking alcohol. They continued to laugh and made statements that they were not afraid of the law and didn’t care about the emergency decree. The live video went viral almost instantly, receiving strong backlash from the online community. Investigation revealed that the incident took place in Les Phume District, Roi Et Province. One of the teenagers is Tee, an employee at the Phon Thong Subdistrict Administrative Organization (SAO). He is also the son of Mister Karn, the Vice Chairman of the SAO, his father was the one who brought his son into work as a temporary employee at the Subdistrict.


Credit: INN News


Tee and his friends stated while in the live broadcast, that one of their fathers was a big guy in the area and no one would be brave enough to mess with him. Shortly after the live, officials from the local administration and police from the Les Phume District went to meet with Cheif Executive of the SAO, Chumpon Mayotha. They then went to Mister Karn’s home to talk about his son, but none of them were at home. Villagers say that Tee, his friends, and the father had run away from the village. After the alleged escape attempt, officials arrested the 4 teenagers and they are now at the Phon Thong Police Station. 3 of the teenagers tested positive on a drug test.


FB Caption: Tee stated on the live broadcast that his father was a big guy in the area, but he was arrested anyway.


Source: INN News