4 villagers stabbed by man on Yaba pills.

Villagers have had enough after a man on Yaba pills stabbed 4 people in the area. 1 of the victims have been critically injured and is still in the hospital. History has come out that the man has previously stabbed his own brother. Villagers in Kranuan District, Khon Kaen Province helped hold the suspect after the incidents. Villagers in the area worked with each other on 23 December 2022 after seeing the man run around the village with a knife. The police were notified to arrest Tanom Kaikanha 45 years old. The suspect was wearing a bag and inside were 2 knives. 



Krekwut Kaewsakdee one of the villagers and witnesses, stated the incidents took place at around 14.00. An employee at a car garage ran out asking for help after Tanom attacked someone inside. Krekwut lured Tanom to come his way as his 80 year old mother was inside the garage. He didn’t want her harmed and wanted him to come outside. Afterwards Tanom stabbed another villager. Krekwut notified the police to come help stop the man. The suspect continued running around holding a knife on the road after leaving the garage. He tried to attack vehicles that were driving past him. 



Krekwut stated he saw a female student on a motorbike driving past Tanom. As she headed nearer where he was standing she recognized it was not safe. The student parked her motorbike and started running away. Tanom ran to the motorbike and started slashing the seat and tires. When he saw Krekwut, the suspect started chasing him again. Villagers grouped up and held the man at the villager center. They used a stick to take the knife away and waited for the police to arrive. The suspect stabbed 4 villagers in total and 1 received critical injuries. This is not the first time Tanom has harmed someone. He has stabbed his own brother before. 


Credit: Khaosod


FB Caption: Villagers grouped up and caught the man before he could stab a 5th victim. 


Source: Khaosod