5 die as fierce storm sinks tourist boat in Chumphon

A TOURIST boat carrying underwater photography students from Bangkok ran into a violent storm and sank in the sea off Chumphon province yesterday (July 26) leading to five students drowning but 11 others including the crew were rescued, according to Thai News Agency.

Chumphon Governor Narong Pholla-iad said the old and small tourist boat broke down at 3 pm yesterday and  floated near Koh Ngam islands until a bigger boat came to the rescue.

However because of a big difference in size the two boats could not link up and the smaller vessel had to be towed ashore with a rope.

Unfortunately a fierce storm suddenly blew in causing the small boat to sink and throwing the captain, two crew members and 13 students into the sea.

The crew of the bigger boat did their best to rescue the party but were only able to save the captain and his crew plus eight student with the other five drowning.

Governor Narong said he went by boat to the accident spot and called in divers to look for the five students who drowned and after working till 3 am this morning they were able to bring up the bodies of one male and four female students.


Top:   Chumphon officials working after the accident yesterday. Photo: Thai News Agency



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