5 lives left homeless after drug addict son burns down home.

5 lives are now homeless after a drug addict son burned down the family home. The son also threatened remaining family members that he will return to murder them all. The Khaosod news Team reported the story on 8 December 2021. A family of 5 with an elderly woman aged 86 years old and 3 young children are living by the road in Chatturat District, Chaiyaphum Province. Nak Choksiri, 58 years old, reported that her mother and 3 grandchildren carried their personal belongings into an empty piece of land; they do not know who the land belongs to. 


Credit: Khaosod


Nak told the news team that the family escaped from her son who is a drug addict. The family had a home in the main city of Chaiyaphum. Her oldest son started acting out on drugs and as he got worse the family started losing happiness. At The beginning of this month in December 2021 the son threatened to kill all family members and wanted to burn the house down. Other family members were living in fear. Together they decided to run away and ask the police for help. Officials went to the home and calmed down the son. Not long after the family returned home to find it burned down. Family members watched their only home burn down as a result of the oldest son. The only item remaining were diapers of the smallest child who is 3 years old. 


Credit: Khaosod


Nak further revealed that the family members were devastated. Before the son was arrested he threatened to come back and kill all of them after he completed his prison sentence. The family is now living in fear and are too afraid to return to their own land. Villagers around the home have also been spreading rumors that the family have Covid-19 so no one will go near or help them out. Nak decided to run away from the area and the only valuable possession they have is a raft of ducks. The family is surviving day by day while one of the children who is 15 years old has moved in with relatives to continue school. The 16 year old has stopped school and the 3 year old has not entered the education system yet. The family has been asking for food and water from the temple. 


Credit: Khaosod


FB Caption: The oldest son who is a drug addict burned down their family home and threatened to come back for the remaining family members. 


Source: Khaosod