5-meter high flames as taxi’s gas tank explodes

AN unoccupied taxi with the engine switched off and parked at a pedestrian zone in adjacent Nonthaburi province suddenly exploded last night sending flames shooting up as high as 5 meters before firemen managed to put it out, Sanook.com reported today (Aug. 5, 2018)

Policemen at Rattanathibet station quickly sent firemen and rescuers to put out the big blaze engulfing the rear of a pink Toyota taxi at 10 p.m. last night, which had started from a leaking LPG gas tank in the boot.

A video clip taken by rescuers shows flames shooting up as high as 5 meters as firemen rushed to spray lots of water at the fierce blaze to prevent the gas tank from exploding, and after 15 minutes they managed to extinguish it.

Eyewitnesses said that at 8 p.m. that same evening the driver of this taxi parked the vehicle at this spot and went off to central Chai Nat province. However, two hours later there was an explosion followed by a big fire.

While police think the fire must have occurred through a gas leak, they are as yet not fully certain how this could have happened, so after contacting the cab’s owner have taken the vehicle to the police station for further investigation.


Top: The damaged taxi that police are still checking. Photo: Sanook.com