5 Thai stars in hot water over online booze photos

POLICE are getting ready to call five Thai stars to hear accusations of indirectly advertising a particular brand of alcoholic drinks through photos posted on social media, INN News said today (July 21).

The five stars are Celine Horwang, nicknamed Cris; Pongsak Rattanapong, better known by his nickname Aof; Ratchanont Guy Suprakob; DJ Davide Dorico and Sean Jindachot.

Pol. Gen. Dr Virachai  Songmetta said police had investigated this case because many famous Thai actors had been posting  images of themselves together with a particular brand of alcoholic drinks on Instagram and Facebook.

Pol. Gen. Dr Virachai added that these photos always display the brand and the caption often boosts the alcoholic drinks such as by saying it’s smooth.

These images have been socially criticized with the detractors saying the stars are setting a bad example and could encourage others to follow suit and that this falls under the category of advertising for marketing purposes and goes against the Alcoholic Beverage Act.

 All the complaints to take legal action were filed at Nonthaburi police station with another big alcoholic drink company being among them.


Top: Pol Gen Dr Virachai Thongmetta with images of the five stars inset. Photo: INN News



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