5 tourists rescued from Koh Samui jungle

KOH Samui police and rescuers trekked through the jungle last night to rescue 5 foreign tourists who had got lost there and messaged their location to the hotel to send a search party, Thai News Agency reported today (Jan. 15).

Police and rescuers set forth on a difficult trek through a high hilly jungle late in the night after the hotel alerted them that Mr Alexander Jimano, a Spaniard, and Miss Eden Francisca, a Brazilian, had sent their location via their mobile phone showing that they were near Na Muang 2 Waterfall.

Rescue 2

In searching for them, the rescue team also by chance ran into 3 other tourists who were also lost in the same area, and they were identified as Miss Tessa Harris, 18, and James McLaren 24, both from UK, and David Alexander, 24, from Canada.

When they got to the waterfall the team split up into 2 and called out to the 2 tourists, and after a while got an answer from them. They were later helped back to the road, and because they were weak as they had not eaten or drank anything for a long while, they were given sweet drinks and sent to their hotel.

Rescue 1

According Samuipedia.com, there are 2 Na Muang waterfalls on Koh Samui. Muang in Thai means purple and is named so because of the purple rocks that form the falls.

Na Muang 1 is a beautiful 18-meter high waterfall and easily accessible by a short walk into the jungle from the parking area nearby, making it a great place to stop off for a quick photo. There is a lovely pool formed at the foot of the waterfall where you will find tourists and locals alike jumping off rocks and taking a dip to cool off. As with any tourist attraction in Ko Samui, the pathway to the attraction is lined with stall sellers selling a range of arts and crafts and traditional Thai food.

Resue 4

Na Muang 2 Waterfall  is much more impressive gushing from a height of 80 meter. What makes this waterfall so beautiful and picturesque is the jungle surroundings and the natural light penetrating the canopy. There is also 20-meter high fall twinned with the larger waterfall, with a pool suitable for swimming. It is only accessible by a trek through the jungle on foot or by elephant.


Top and in-text: Tourists being rescued after getting lost at Na Muang 2 Waterfall on Koh Samui last night. Photos: Thai News Agency