5 townhomes subsided all at once, residents run for their lives.

5 townhomes subsided all at the same time, residents ran out in fear of their lives. It sounded like a bomb when the walls and ceiling started falling down. The conditions are so bad the homes are ready to collapse at any moment. The Sanook News Team received notification at 17.00 on 19 August 2020. 5 townhomes at a village located in Bao Sao Thong District, Samut Prakan Province. The news team met with 2-story townhomes, a total of 19 townhomes connected to each other. 


Credit: Sanook


The homes have subsided and the structures are heavily damaged with collapsed walls and ceilings. The 5 homes are no. 109/23, 109/25, 109/27, 109/29, and 109/31. All 5 townhomes have walls separated from the ceilings and are in an unsafe condition to live in. All residents have returned inside to retrieve their valuable goods and are currently residing with relatives. Visarut owner of home no. 109/29 showed the news team inside, the whole house seemed to be ready to collapse at any moment. Visarut stated he was relaxing inside with the wife and grandmother at 11.00 when there was a loud bang, the structure had fallen down pulling the walls with it. Loud bangs continued for a while along with cement falling down. The family was scared for their lives and decided to kick the door down before running outside. 


Virayut owner of home no. 109/25 stated he was about to leave home when there was a loud bang. The home started falling down so he ran outside. Virayut had just purchased the home for 3 years and still owes the bank money. He tried calling the Subdistrict Administrative Organization but there has been no clear answer. The sub-district stated that they are responsible for the main road and not the homes inside the village. Virayut hopes that a solution comes fast as the subsided structures will only pull down more homes with them. 


Credit: Sanook


Watchara owner of home no. 109/23 talked to the news team in tears that he purchased the second-hand home for 900,000 THB. Watchara and his wife were out working as usual when he received a phone call from a friend stating that his home had fallen down. He never expected the damage would be so bad. Watchara fell down when he saw the true condition and knew it was not safe to live in anymore. The townhomes are continuing to fall down continuously. 


FB Caption: Watchara fell to his knees when he saw the condition of his home.


Source: Sanook