55 youths held in Lad Phrao drug party raid

POLICE raided at a drug party at 19 Villa on Yothinpattana road in Lad Phrao area and rounded up 55 youths after finding 50 Ecstasy pills scattered on the floor with 11 of the partygoers also having some in their possession, Thai News Agency reported today (Nov. 5).

At 3 am this morning Youth and Women Welfare police together with officers from Chokchai police station raided 19 Villa’s suite 103 where there is a large hall and 3 bedrooms. This complex has altogether 20 rooms of various sizes to hold parties in with the caretaker being Uthai Limchaey, 39.

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Within the suite police found 55 youths, 23 male and 32 female, having fun but police stopped this after finding 50 Ecstasy pills scattered on the floor and more hidden in the bags and pant pockets of 11 of them, 8 male and 3 female.

Police also found 2 birthday cakes placed on a pool table with the icing of one of displaying drugs.

Uthai and all the partygoers were taken to Chokchai police station for legal action and drug test. The 11 youths who had Ecstasy on their person face drug procession charge and those found to have taken drugs will face legal action for taking drugs.

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Uthai told police that the youths had rented the suite for a party from Nov. 4 to Nov. 5 at 8,000 baht and said it would be an ordinary party. According to the rules not more than 15 people could attend it but he does not know how so many sneaked in.

As this property does not have a business license Uthai faces the charge of running a business without a permit with the owner too to be called in for questioning.


Top, inset and below: The youths rounded up at the drug party at 3 am this morning and the Ecstasy pills and cakes found there. Photos: Thai News Agency

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