56 illegal foreigners held in new sweep

TOURIST Police mounted their 17th X-ray Outlaw Foreigner drive across the country last night and netted a total of 56 people from various countries for overstaying and illegal entry, INN News reported this morning (July 13, 2018).

Pol Maj-Gen Surachet Hakphan, deputy chief of Tourist Police, sent teams of policemen to search 74 targeted places nationwide with these including international schools, language institutes, general schools and other sites.

Of the 56 people arrested, 11 were charged with overstaying with 5 being from Myanmar and one each from Russia, Canada, UK, Germany, India and Cambodia.

foreigners illegal entry Thailand

The important suspect is Mr Michael Ewald, 56, from Germany who overstayed for 3,304 days in lower north Nakhon Sawan province; Mr B. Thongdee, 20, from Cambodia for 561 days; and Mr Bone Laszlo, 53, from Canada for 260 days in  northeastern Udon Thani province.

Meanwhile 41 foreigners were held for illegal entry with 18 being Indians, 9 Laotians, 7 Myanmar nationals, 6 Cambodians, and 1 from Guinea.

Four other foreigners were arrested on other charge.

In the 31 such sweeps that have been launched so far, 3,947 targeted areas were searched and 1,724 suspects arrested.


Top and in-text: Some of the foreigners arrested for overstaying and illegal entry during yesterday’s nationwide drive. Photos: INN News