6 foreign men caught with fake passports

The Immigration Police arrested 6 foreign men after they were discovered attempting to use fake passports and fake Visa’s in Thailand. Police Lieutenant General Sompong Chingduang from the Immigration Police reported the arrest of 6 foreign men trying to use the fake passports to travel abroad from Thailand.




The first 4 men were from India, they were trying to use a fake Canada Visa to travel with Philippines Airline to Toronto, Canada. Luckily, before they could do so, the 4 men were arrested on site at Suvarnabhumi Airport. Another Indian man was arrested with a fake Singapore Passport attempting to travel into Canada through China Airlines.


All of the 5 Indian men stated to the police that they hired a Nepalese man to find each of them a fake passport in exchange for 1,000 USD per passport, which is approximately 30k THB. Another man from Palestine was arrested using a fake United Arab Emirates Passport to travel to Germany. The 6 men have been arrested and will be prosecuted accordingly to the policy established by Prayut Chan-o-cha, the Prime Minister of Thailand that states to keep watch on all foreign persons in Thailand that is a risk to committing crimes whether in Thailand or crimes abroad.


The policy helps protect persons like in this story who are holding fake passports or attempting to use fake visa’s to enter another country. Luckily, they were caught in Thailand by the Immigration police before having the opportunity to commit crimes abroad as an unidentified individual with no real database in the immigration system of those countries.



Furthermore, this helps protect Thailand from having a part in the illegal crimes committed internally or abroad, a wall of protection making it harder for criminals to do what they do. Hopefully, if the man from Nepal is residing in Thailand, he will be arrested soon for all the production of the fake passports.


FB Caption: They hired a Nepalese man to find each of them a fake passport in exchange for 1,000 USD per passport.


Source: INN News