6 foreigners arrested for working and overstaying in Thailand.

6 foreigners have been arrested inside a rented home. The suspects act as tourists but have been working in Thailand and have overstayed their visas. The Hat Yai Tourist Police arrested 6 Indian men renting a home in the area. The men have been selling ice cream to locals and foreigners in the area. Hat Yai Tourist Police along with related officials in Phatthalung Province inspected a home on 19 May 2023. Officials received reports on a group of foreigners renting a home and working in the country. Information revealed they have been in Thailand for a long time and had overstayed their visas. 



Official inspected the home and found 7 Indian men. All were men and all had Indian passports. Some have been in Thailand since 2020 and some have been in Thailand since 2022. One pair were father and son living together in the rented home. 6 of the Indian men have been arrested for overstaying and working in Thailand. The group tries to act as tourists but their actions state otherwise. The main source of income is from selling ice cream on a bicycle. 



All suspects entered Thailand on a tourist visa but their main intention was to join the ice cream-selling business. The group would drive around every day and sell ice cream to customers in Phatthalung Province. When officials arrived there was an ice cream bicycle parked nearby. The 6 suspects have been arrested and delivered to the Tamod Police Station. The suspects face charges of overstaying in Thailand. 


Credit: Khaosod


FB Caption: The 6 suspects have been arrested for working and overstaying their visas. 


Source: Khaosod