6 meter Python living on the ceiling of a house in Bang Na, Bangkok.

A 6-meter python snake was discovered living on a ceiling in a home located in Bang Na, Bangkok city on the 8th of this month. Right in the capital city where there are hardly any forest’s left is likely the last place you’d expect to find a python that is almost 7 meters long and weighing over 50 kilos.


The Bang Na fire station was notified of a python from a homeowner in Lasalle 50. The fire station shared pictures of when they went to catch the snake. Those living in the house wouldn’t stay inside out of fear after discovering that a giant snake was their mysterious roommate.


The rescue officers had to knock part of the ceiling down to reach the snake that was resting. Rescue officers were shocked to see how long the snake was when they arrived. The tail was pointing to the door and the head came out at the other end of the room. The owner then told the rescue team that the length of the room was about 6 meters, so the snake had to be at least that or more.


Credit: Khaosod
Credit: Khaosod


The officers had a hard time pulling the snake out of the ceiling even after they knocked part of it down. What was even harder is when the officers were trying to put the snake in a bag to keep it safe. The snake ended up being over 6 meters long with the weight of at least 50 kilos. It’s a wonder to where it has been hiding and surviving so well in the big city.




The homeowner stated that she will be looking forward to a good night’s sleep after the giant python leaves her home.


FB Caption: The hardest part was when the rescue officers were pulling out the python and then having to shove it into a big bag.


Source: Khaosod, Facebook Page: Mad Kmitnb