6 Rohingya left starving for 5 days in Hat Yai abandoned building.

6 Rohingya were left to starve for 5 days in an abandoned building located in Hat Yai District, Songkhla Province. The Rohingya left the building in search of food, officials are looking for more hiding in the area. A total of 37 Rohingya victims were smuggled into Thailand by agents belonging to international human trafficking gangs. Thailand is often used as a passageway from the border into other countries.


Credit: Workpoint News
Credit: Workpoint News


The Children Women Families Protection and Anti Human Trafficking Center lead by Police General Suchart Theerasawat and other related officials went to help 6 Rohingya on 29 July 2019. Out of the 6, there was 1 woman and the rest were men. They came out of hiding in starvation asking villagers around the area for food to eat in Tha Chang, Bang Klam District, Songkhla Province.


An agent had left them in an abandoned building located in Hat Yai. The Rohingya have been starving for 5 days, so bad that they decided to come out of hiding looking for food and water. The villagers felt extremely sorry for them and decided to notify the officials.


There were a total of 37 smuggled into Thailand, but 24 were arrested by officials on 27 July 2019. The rest were dropped off at the abandoned building as the agents told them that they had to hide from officials and couldn’t continue their journey just yet. There are other Rohingya hiding in the area who are starving with the same condition as the 5 that decided to come out for help.


Police General Suchart has ordered a search for the rest of the Rohingya victims. They are left to starve by the agents belonging to human trafficking gangs. Locals in the area are advised to notify officials if any Rohingya are spotted as their health is at serious risks.


FB Caption: The 6 Rohingya victims had nothing to eat for 5 days and were starving, they decided to come out of hiding to ask for food from the villagers in the area.


Source: Workpoint News