6 students electrocuted in one day during flooding.

A grade 7 student was electrocuted and lost consciousness in the water. Luckily an older student was brave and jumped in to help that ended up saving his life. A total of 6 persons were electrocuted during the flood in Udon Thani Province. 2 of the victims are female students that was saved by a grandma. Khaosod News reported on 16 September 2022 of heavy rain that continued falling for 2 hours in the main city of Udon Thani. The Sri Suk Road in front of the Udon Pittiyanikul School was flooded including both front and back of the school. The flood was about 50 centimeters deep. 



As a result there was extremely heavy traffic from students that came to pick up their children. At about 17.00 a 13 year old male student studying in grade 7 was electrocuted. The student lost consciousness and was laying in the water underneath a road light. At the time a student from a different school named Achiwa Sueksa Wittiyalai School walked pass and saw the boy. He made the decision right then to jump in and help. He pulled the boy out and called the local rescue team. The team came right away and delivered the student to the Udon Thani Center Hospital. The boy is now safe and is recovering from the incident. 



2 female students were also electrocuted near the Kok Ma Intersection on Prach Raksa Road. A grandmother who was walking by noticed the 2 and she went in to help right away. If it wasn’t for these good citizens the 3 lives might not be here today. They knew the risk and still decided to put their own lives to help the students. There are a total of 6 electrocution cases at the Udon Thani Center Hospital. All are now safe with 4 allowed to return home. 2 are still at the hospital as doctors want to make sure they are absolutely safe. 


Credit: Khaosod


FB Caption: The floods in Thailand continue due to heavy rain and in Udon Thani 6 were electrocuted while walking in the flood. 


Source: Khaosod