7 Burmese caught using someone else’s passports.

Investigation Division 6 from the Immigration Police reported the arrests of 7 Burmese Citizens that attempted to use someones else’s passports and fool officials. The suspects were contacted by agents who claimed could help them come work illegally in Thailand. They secretly came into Thailand from Myanmar in Ranong Province and were picked up by a truck. The truck then delivered them in Bangkok where they stayed for 1 night in a rented room. The agent was waiting for them in Bangkok with the passports and bus tickets to Songkhla. After receiving the items they were delivered to Southern Bus Terminal (Sai Tai Mai). Officials scanned their passports and discovered that the suspects were not the true owners.


Officials from the Immigration Police and Tourist Police were inspecting the Bus Terminal in Songkhla Province when they discovered 14 Burmese Citizens. All of them had passports but many in the group were acting suspiciously. Officials invited them in for a talk while the biometric system was doing its work. This is when they discovered that 7 of them were carrying someone else’s passports. The ID pictures and the biometrics database revealed that they were not the persons in the passports.


All the suspects admitted to officials that they wanted to come work in Thailand using illegal methods. They were smuggled into Thailand from Myanmar and later met the agent. The agent gave them passports and promised that the passports would successfully fool officials if they were ever searched. Each of the suspects paid a service fee of about 22,000 THB to the agent. The suspects were supposed to meet another agent at the Songkhla Bus Terminal where they would be transported to different provinces in Thailand for work. All suspects have been delivered to the Hat Yai Police Station for further prosecution.


Credit: Immigration Police
Credit: Immigration Police


FB Caption: Each of the suspects paid a service fee of about 22,000 THB to the agent who gave them the passports.


Source: Immigration.go.th