70kg Python ate school’s cats and chickens

A school janitor was very sad when he couldn’t help save one of the last cats alive. Cats and chickens have gone missing one by one at a local school. The janitor tried to find why the animals were missing but it was too late when he saw the last cat being eaten alive by an oversized python snake. The Prachanukul Rescue Team in Ratchaburi Province received notification on 2 June 2020 to help catch a large snake at the Wat Aranyikawat Temple School located in the main city of Ratchaburi.


Credit: Khaosod


The team arrived and found the killer python over 4 meters long and weighs over 70 kilograms. The snake was eating a large school cat, this was also the last remaining cat in the school. When the python saw the rescue team it started hissing and moving around. The team used snake catching equipment and were able to catch the beast after 15 minutes. The snake will be released in its natural environment away from villages.


Samrit Sukint the janitor stated that the school keeps cats and chickens. For half a month the school animals started going missing. He tried to find where they were going or if there was something attacking the animals. The janitor kept watch during the day and even all night to protect the animals but it was no success. This was until the 2nd of June when he saw an extremely large python slithering into a pond located behind the school. Samrit went to report the sighting to the school’s principal.


The janitor then went looking for the python and this is when he saw that the snake had already found a meal, one of the school cats. Samrit tried to save the cat but it was no use as the snake kept trying to attack him. There was nothing else Samrit could do but watch the cat get eaten and called the local rescue team. The janitor is relieved that the python is found but also sad about finding out what actually happened to the animals.


Credit: Khaosod


FB Caption: The school’s cats and chickens have been disappearing. The janitor found a 70-kilogram python snake eating one of the last cats.


Source: Khaosod