79 in hospital from food poisoning after raw beef salad.

A total of 79 villagers in Phayao Province were rushed to the hospital after showing symptoms of food poisoning. The food poisoning is linked to raw beef salad, the provincial public health officials are investigating the case and have already collected samples of the beef used. Villagers from Dongjen District in Phayao all had one dish in common, they all had a raw beef salad. Some of the villagers had purchased the beef and made the dish in their homes while some bought the dish from a restaurant, Khaosod News reported on 25 May 2020.


Credit: Khaosod


The villagers had the dish as dinner on the 24th, many started having diarrhea and vomiting on the early morning of the 25th. Local rescue teams were called to many homes in the area during the night. The teams helped deliver patients to the hospital while some relatives went to the hospital with the patients. A total of 79 food poisoning victims are linked to specific raw beef. Montri Wilachai from the Poo Kam Yao Public Health Office stated that he received notifications that people all over the area were in the hospital from food poisoning. The investigation started and the Poo Kam Yao Health Office is working with Dongjen Health Office, and the Poo Kam Yao Department of Livestock Development. Officials went to inspect the beef stalls and restaurants that sell the dish in Dongjen.


Credit: Khaosod


Officials discovered that the beef was actually buffalo meat. The meat was butchered and delivered to shops in the area including the beef stalls in Tha Wang Thong Fresh Market. Villagers had purchased the beef from these sources that led to the food poisoning. Officials have collected samples of the meat to find the cause of food poisoning. All of the patients have food poisoning symptoms. Out of the 79, 15 are at the Subdistrict Hospital, 12 are at the Poo Kam Yao Hospital, 42 are at the Phayao Hospital, and 10 are at the Phayao Ram Hospital.  Montri advises people to avoid eating raw beef and other raw meat. There is a high chance that you can get food poisining because of Thailand’s hot weather.



FB Caption: Officials discovered that the beef was actually buffalo meat.


Source: Khaosod