8 iPhones go missing in the mail.

A woman sent 8 iPhones that went missing in the shipping process. The box was sent through a private shipping company popularly used in Thailand. The receiver opened the box to find a big mango. The woman sent her story to a famous Facebook page in Thailand. The woman sent 8 iPhones 6 to her relative, but when the box arrived only a mango was inside. She contacted the company who denied taking any responsibility. The post was shared on 4 June 2021 stating “(name of shipping company) a customer reported that 8 iphones were stolen. I checked iCloud that confirmed the phone was turned on while it was in shipping near a distribution center.


Credit: Sanook


Incidents like this should not happen. There is clear evidence it was stolen. Miss Kim please help me, relatives sent 8 iPhones 6 with chargers but inside was a mango. The headquarter would not take responsibility claiming that used items is not insured. The store insists that the box was 1.4 kilograms but when it arrived, the weight was less than a kilo. With this much evidence, the company is still not admitting it.


Credit: Sanook


I asked iPhone to help investigate and iCloud showed there are 2 phones located in Bangrakam District, Phitsanulok province. This is where the central distribution center is located. A total of 5 phones have been located, all in the same province”. The Sanook News Team visited Pimnipa Saknuanrat 44-year-old from Ratchaburi Province. Pimnipa stated she has a restaurant but also makes money by watching videos. She uses iPhone 6 as the main device to watch the videos. Pimnipa asked a relative to send her the phones, but they never arrived. When the box arrived, it was clear that the original tape had been cut through and repackaged.


Credit: Sanook


FB Caption: The box was opened while in shipping, but the company denies all responsibility.


Source: Sanook