8th graders violently bully younger autistic student

GOING viral on Thai social media today (Oct 11, 2018) is a video clip of 8th graders at a school in northern Phayao province violently yanking the hair of an autistic 4th grade students until she fell on the floor and started crying, INN News reported.

In this video clip some 8th grade girls pulled the younger autistic student’s hair in a classroom many times until she started crying, which triggered laughter, after which a male student came and also pulled her hair causing her to fall.

The senior students’ violent behavior has triggered heavy criticism online.

The school authorities said this incident occurred last Friday October 5 and it was the 4th grade student’s friend who reported the bullying to the class teacher.

The older students admitted to physically bullying the younger student  but said they did not intend to detain or harm her and were sorry for what happened.

The school called the parents of both sides to a meeting but the mother of the 4th grader refused to reach an agreement. Talks will be held again on whether legal action is going to be taken.


The school has given a warning to misbehaving students, who are now on probation, if they misbehave again their behavior grades will be cut and they will be suspended.

Meanwhle Mr Sakchai Chotimanon, head of Dok Kham Tai district, said Mr Wuthichai Saowakomuth, the provincial deputy governor, had called a meeting of concerned units at 10 a.m. today to find a  way to resolve this issue.

However as the older students’ home life had to be checked to find out whether they were neglected or are there family problems, it will take some time to reach a conclusion.


Top and in-text: The 4th grade autistic student’s hair being pulled again and again until she started crying. Photos: INN News