9 more arrested with fake passports.

The Immigration Police are arresting more foreigners in Thailand every day thanks to the help of the Biometrics system that has been a great success since its installment. Officials from the Immigration Bureau reported the arrests from 9 cases that took place in November 2019 of illegal foreigners that entered the country unlawfully.


The Immigration Police have received important orders with the goal to arrest foreigners acting against the law and those who are a risk to society within this year in 2019. The implementation of the Biometrics System has greatly assisted officials with clear background information on the passport holders, revealing the truth if they are holding a fake passport or if they are using someone else passports, including fake Visa stamps in hopes of leaving to another country.


Out of the 9 cases, 7 involved suspects holding fake passports. The 7 suspects included a suspect from Bangladesh, a suspect from Taiwan, a suspect from China, 2 suspects from Morocco, and 2 suspects with unknown origins. The remaining 2 cases involved suspects that used passports that did not belong to them. The 2 suspects included one from Mexico and one from China.


The 7 suspects with fake passports tried to use such passports to leave the nation and travel into other countries while the 2 other suspects tried to use the passports to enter Thailand. The 2 passports were real but it wasn’t theirs in the first place. The passports had pictures that were similar to their appearances but the biometrics system revealed that they were, in fact, different persons.


Credit: Khaosod
Credit: Khaosod


Officials have charged the Mexican man and the Chinese man for using another person’s passport. The 2 Moroccans have been charged with the possession of a fake passport and a fake Visa stamp (Schengen Visa) with the intention to travel internationally with the stamp. The rest of the suspects have been charged with possession of a fake passport with the intention to travel internationally. The 9 suspects have been sent to the Suvarnabhumi Police Station for further prosecution.


FB Caption: The 9 Suspects included 2 from China, 1 from Bangladesh, 1 from Mexico, 1 from Taiwan, 2 from Morocco, and 2 with unknown origins.


Source: Khaosod