9 inmates escape from Nakhon Pathom Prison.

9 inmates have successfully escaped from the Nakhon Pathom Prison. The inmates used a saw blade and cut through the bars, they then climbed over the prison fence and made the run. Officials reveal the inmates are from drug and theft related cases. Police Lieutenant Colonel Thanisorn Ekrattanat from the Sam Khwai Phueak Police Station in Nakhon Pathom Province received a notification from the 191 radio station of the prison escape on 11 December 2021. Related officials went to the prison and received news from the prison officials that there are recent inmates who have made an escape. These inmates recently entered the prison and had to be separated according to Covid-19 safety measures.


Credit: Khaosod


There are a total of 9 inmates aged from 18-43 years old who have made the escape. The security camera revealed the inmates used a saw blade to break through the bars. They then climbed over the prison fence and ran away on the road. They escaped through a hole in the bars measuring 30 x 19 cm. The saw blade was left near the bathroom in the male prison. The fence had many clothing items covering the barbed wires lining the top. A security camera recorded the escaped inmates on the road outside of the prison at 2.08 am. 



2 inmates have been found claiming that they had planned the escape for 2 weeks after receiving an invitation from an older inmate. Ekkarat 18 years old and Nattakorn 24 years old have been found. The inmates stated that they were separated as a part of Covid-19 safety measures and on the 20th the group was supposed to move into the main prison. The reason for the escape is due to older inmates telling them that because they had past cases, they would receive a long sentence of at least 5-6 years. The older inmate then invited them to join the prison escape. 


Credit: Khaosod


FB Caption: An older inmate invited younger inmates to join the escape plan that took 2 weeks in the making. 


Source: Khaosod