9 more arrested for spreading Fake News.

Officials from the Anti-Fake News Center have arrested 9 more suspects for spreading fake news. Seksarn Artasarn the owner of a Facebook Page named Bunterm Saikeaw with over 200k followers was arrested. The Thanyaburi Provincial Court issued an arrest warrant for Seksarn leading to his arrest. The suspect was arrested in his own home located in Pathum Thani Province. Officials inspected Seksarn’s home and found a cannabis tree and marijuana blocks hidden in the bedroom. The suspect admitted to posting fake information that CBD oil can protect against Covid-19 on his Facebook Page. Seksarn knew this wasn’t true but chose to share the information with his followers anyway because he knew the post would get a lot of views. Followers will then purchase his CBD oil. 


Credit: INN News


Simet was also arrested inside Seksarn’s home as the cannabis tree belonged to Simet. 8 more suspects were also arrested for sharing fake news that can cause fear to the public. These suspects shared information online that those who had their driver’s license seized will forever lose the license and they would have to retake the driver’s license test. These suspects also shared that the information used to register for the government Covid-19 aid will be used by the government to collect tax from the people. Police discovered that these 8 suspects had been paid to post fake news online intended to stir up the heat.


Police Major General Pantana Nuchnarot reported that there have been fewer people posting Fake News in the country. There are currently 100 news topics that are under watch from officials with at least 50 Facebook Pages sharing fake news to the public. These pages are both old and new. The fake news is intended to create confusion amongst the people including fake news on politics, economics, society, health, and other topics. Investigation shows that there are groups of people who are being paid to create and share fake news onto the online world, police are collecting evidence that will lead to prosecution against these people. 


Credit: INN News


FB Caption: Investigation shows that there are groups of people who are being paid to create and share fake news.


Source: INN news