9 Rohingya arrested in Mae Sot, one with high fever.

Officials at the Thailand-Myanmar border in Mae Sot District, Tak Province with administrative officials, the Immigration Police, and other related officials inspected the Center for Islamic Ethics in Mae Sot. Officials received notification that a group of Rohingya people has used the building as a hiding spot away from the officials’ eyes. Related officials to the case were notified and went to inspect the area right away on 7 May 2020. Rohingya people have their own language and unique culture. Rohingyas represent the largest group of Muslims in Myanmar.


When officials arrived they found 9 Rohingyas in the building, all of them seemed tired and weak. All 9 found were male teenagers aged between 15-18 years old. Officials gave the group some food and water because they seemed all very weary, possibly from lack of proper nutrition and water. One of the men has a high fever and has been sent to the Maesot Hospital for medical care with fear that he might be infected with Covid-19. There is information that 3 have escaped before the officials arrived, 2 women and a young child. Someone took the 3 into another hiding spot. The 9 found have been arrested and police are continuing the investigation to find the other 3.


The Rohingyas arrested were interviewed by the Sanook News Team. The group revealed that they had come from Chitawee City in Myanmar. The group snuck into Yangon and lived there for about a month. They then slowly moved to an area on the Thailand-Myanmar border across from Mae Sot District and remained there for about 2 months. The group then smuggled into Mae Sot, Thailand one night before they were arrested. The members of the group further explained their plans to travel into Malaysia where they will find a place to finally settle in for good.


Credit: Sanook


FB Caption: 2 women and a young child managed to escape just before the officials arrived.


Source: Sanook