Actress Anna Reese gets probation for drunk driving

THAI-British actress Anna Reese heard her probation conditions today (August 24) after being arrested for drunk driving last May with this following and earlier probation for killing a policeman in a car crash in 2015, INN News said

Pol. Col.Narat Sawettanant, director-general of the Department of Probation, called Anna Hamblaouris, whose stage name is Anna Reese, to hear her probation conditions after Bangkok North Municipal Court sentenced her to two months in jail and 20,000 baht fine with the jail term to be postponed for three years when she is to undergo probation and her driver’s license suspended for two years.

Anna Reese arrested

According to the probation conditions Reese has to report to the probation officers four times over one year and do community service for 36 hours. She also has to undergo four training sessions on traffic regulations and road safety plus the impact of drunk driving.

Reese hit and killed a policeman in 2015 and the court sentenced her to not more than one year jail and 10,000 baht fine but the jail term was put off for two years and she had to report to probation officers four times over one year and do 24 hours of community service to improve her behavior.

The Sun newspaper quoted police as saying Reese, 30, became aggressive and “began throwing things’’ after an argument over a Bangkok nightclub bill.

Reese – who starred in The Tsunami Warrior and Brown Sugar 2 – stormed out of the club and tried to flee in her top-of-the range white BMW but rear-ended a parked Mitsubishi.

Footage recorded by onlookers shows the bare-footed Brit actress in a wet T-shirt screaming incoherently in a drunken rage as police arrive to arrest her.

She was held in a cell after being too drunk to be questioned and later charged with drunk-driving after testing positive for alcohol.


Top: Thai-British actress Anna Reese hearing her probation conditions today. Photo: INN News


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