Addicted mother, 11-year-old son held on drug charge

A WOMAN with a small baby was arrested for drug dealing while her 11-year-old son and 4 of his friends were sent for treatment after testing positive for taking drugs, reported this morning (April 20).

Administrative officials in northeastern Maha Sarakham province’s Kantharawichai district moved in to search Mrs Piyawan’s house, after being tipped off that she is selling drugs to teenagers in this district.

A search found 204 tablets of methamphetamine, or yaba, hidden in the house, and a urine test of both Piyawan, who is breast-feeding her 8-month-old son, and her 11-year, 4-month old son turned up positive for drug use.

She told police that she sold drugs to support her children.

Her older son told police that he just drank rice whiskey laced methamphetamine together with 4 friends of his age group.

Police rounded up the 5 boys and sent them for medical treatment while Piyawan was taken to the police station for questioning and legal action.


Top: The drug suspect carrying her small baby at her house. Photo: