Airport helps passenger get suitcase back from taxi

A JAPANESE passenger who left his suitcase holding a large amount of cash behind in a taxi upon getting off at Suvarnbhumi Airport was delighted to get all his valuables and belongings back quickly with the help of airport officials and police, Thai News Agency reported today (October 26, 2018).

Mr  Kittipong Kittikachorn, deputy director of Suvarnabhumi Airport (Operating line 1), said Mr Masaki Toyoshima, 55, got off at the departure terminal at 7 a.m. this morning but left his suitcase holding 2 million yen, or around 600,000 baht,  a Louis Vuitton bag, a Channel bag , a computer notebook plus other valuables in the taxi.

Security officials quickly took him to report to airport police, but he could only remember that it was a pink taxi in which he traveled.

Special Operations Center officials then quickly checked CCTV footage and found out the license plate number of the taxi after which the driver’s name, Mr Narongrith Dithacharoen, 40.

Police investigators swiftly tracked down the taxi driver and told him to bring the suitcase back, which he did and handed it over the Japanese passenger who was very happy to get his valuables back.

Mr  Kittipong added that anyone who sees anything suspicious or dangerous or needs help with security can contact Airports of Thailand’s Suvarnabhumi Airport security center at 02 – 1324000 all 24 hours.


Top: Mr Toyoshima got his suitcase back within 2 hours of leaving it behind in a taxi. Photo: Thai News Agency