Alarm over cables dangling on key shortcut

PEOPLE in nearby Chachoengsao province have raised the alarm over a hundred telecommunication cables dangling across a key shortcut motorists use to reach Bangkok, INN News reported today (April 29)

Mr Suriay Sorn-noi, 62, a retied teacher who filed who filed a complaint about this public danger, said these cables have been flopping on Prachasan road, a key shortcut to Bangkok linking Sisothon Tatmai Road to Highway 314 (Chachoengsao-Bang Pakong) for months now.

The cables were left to flop on the road in this dangerous manner after the Provincial Electricity Authority put in new power poles and only moved the electricity cables there.

Residents here worry that motorists who are not aware of this menace might get fatally entangled, particularly so after a man was inadvertently strangled to death by telecommunication cables just 3 days ago in Khon Kaen.


Top and below: The dangling telecommunication cables on a key shortcut in Chacheongsao province. Photos: INN News

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