Alleged serial shoplifter arrested

A THAI man who police accuse of regularly shoplifting from various department stores by pretending to be a well-off foreigner has been arrested today (June 15), INN News said.

Pol. Gen. Phopthorn Chitman, chief of Pathumwan police station together with police investigators said Chaisith, 44, has been roaming around and shoplifting from big stores in his district for a year now.

On June 1 a representative of Siam Paragon filed a report on the theft of two bottles of alcohol, Hennessy Paradis 70 cl priced at 99,000 baht and Ballantine 30 Year priced at 15,865 altogether 114,865 baht, which had disappeared from supermarket shelves.

Police investigation led to the arrest of this suspect.

Police said Mr Chaisith admitted to shoplifting by dressing up as someone wealthy who speaks English and picking up the items and dashing out quickly when the salesperson was not watching such as when bending down to pick up something.

The suspect said he was unemployed and sold the stolen goods at various shops or online where there people willing to buy these items and the money obtained was used for his personal expenses.

Police investigation showed that on May 25 this year the suspect stole imported alcohol from Central World department store priced at 60,000 baht; on June 1 this year he stole the two bottles of alcohol from Siam Paragon; on June 10 he shoplifted a bottle of imported alcohol worth over 100,000 baht from Emquartier.

In 2016 the suspect allegedly stole a Franck Muller luxury watch worth over a million baht and resold it to a foreigner for 50,000 baht.


Top: The suspect at Pathumwan police station today. Photo: INN News


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