Almost 500kg Ice found hidden in orchard

A BIG lot of 448 kilograms of Ice (crystal methamphetamine) was found hidden near the entrance to an orchard in southern Satun province today (May 8), Thai News Agency reported.

Mr Prayod Phoonoi, director of Region 4 Customs Bureau, called in police, soldiers and Narcotics Suppression officers to check the entrance to the orchard in Baan Khai Ruammit, Thung Noi subdistrict, Khuan Kalong district, after being tipped off that suspicious sacks were hidden there.

The team found 14 sacks full of Ice totaling 448 kilograms just 30 meters from the main road, and forensic officers are lifting the fingerprints to track down the traffickers.


Top: Customs officials together with police and soldiers checking the big lot of Ice hidden at the entrance to the orchard. Photos: Thai News Agency