American man and Thai girlfriend trash Condo room.

The owner of the condo room was extremely shocked when she saw the condition of the room. She decided to come to share the story online through social media in hopes of protecting other room owners to beware of an American man with a Thai girlfriend named Anne.




The couple rented a condo room from the owner in exchange for monthly payments. They both ran away leaving behind an incredibly disgusting room without paying the power bill that has amounted to over 4,000 THB. Kulisara Udorn posted on her Facebook sharing the incident on 2 November 2019.


The owner stated in her post with pictures of the room attached “My Bed! How do you clean this? Can someone please tell me (Please look at all the pictures). Then there’s the floor. Oh, there’s needles and all sorts of other things in the room, what is this? And why does the law require me to sue?




This is fairly common, renters will leave a room behind without telling the owner if they can’t pay the rent or the bills. In this case, adding to the bills was garbage piles from the moment you walked into the room. It also seems like they never flushed the toilet or cleaned any part of the room. If you want to see all the pictures the link is provided here.


Upon first glance, the couple may look like a sophisticated, well put together couple with a good lifestyle and future ahead of them. When on their personal Facebook accounts fancy dinner pictures are shared for friends and family to see. Behind the curtains is a very messy and irresponsible couple who left behind a huge mess for a condo room owner to take care of and the electrical bill that was used for their own purposes.


Credit: Kapook
Credit: Kapook


Kulisara the room owner tried to contact the couple through many platforms of communication, but it seems like both of them have blocked her and wish to leave the room behind like they never lived there before. Kulisara decided to go file a police report against the couple. The police recommended her to sue the couple as what they have done is a breach of the rental agreement.


FB Caption: There are piles of garbage from the moment you walk into the door.


Source: Kapook, Facebook User: Kulisara Udorn