Another airport worker ‘caught stealing from tourist’

IN a second similar theft over the past 2 months,China’s K News service reported yesterday (April 9) that cash was stolen from the wallet of a tourist going through a security checkpoint at Suvarnabhumi Airport, but luckily the holidaymaker got it back after informing the police, the Thai-language daily Matichon reported today (April 10).

Just last month on March 12 a  Suvarnbhumi Airport security worker was caught stealing 4,000 yuan, or around 19,800 baht, from a Chinese woman going through a security checkpoint.

China’s K News reported through its account at Sina Weibo Chinese microblogging website that on April 3 a worker at this airport stole cash from the wallet of an elderly tourist while going through the scanner at a security checkpoint.

Afterwards the tourist reported the theft to the police, and policemen checked CCTV footage and identified the suspect, with this person being sacked on the spot and arrested, and money returned to the tourist.

Among the comments Chinese netizens who read the news made are the following: “Thailand has a lot of security problems,” “Whoever goes to Thailand should be careful,” and “Normally baggage loaded on the way back are opened and lots of things go missing.”


Top: The Suvarnabhumi Airport security worker, with his hand circled, stealing money from a tourist’s wallet. Photo: Matichon