Another sign of a jinx at Govt House?

SPECULATION about a possible jinx at the Government House intensified yesterday (Feb. 20) after reporters saw 2 crows pecking a pigeon to death within the compound, INN News reported.

All those who saw the 2 crows killing the pigeon next to the lawn in front of the path leading to Thai Khu Fah building where Prime Minister Prayut  Chan-o-cha’s office is located got startled and disturbed.

Many Thais believe that certain kinds of incidents, such as electric short-circuit or people hit by falling objects, are a harbinger of bad things to come.

This gory sight raised questions as to whether or not this is a sign of something going to happen.

However Prime Minister Prayut chided reporters for linking accidents within the Government House, such as a lotus pond and a flower pot breaking, 36 incense sticks found lit there and the hanging up of red Chinese-style lanterns to mark Chinese New Year last week,  pointing out that all this is normal occurrence and should not be looked upon superstitiously.


Top: The 2 crows pecking a pigeon to death at the Government House. Photo: INN News