Arrested with Crystal Meth and Ecstasy, payment by Bitcoin.

Police Lieutenant General Chinaphat Sarasin from the Narcotics Suppression Bureau (NSB) reported the arrest of Acha Lacheh 52 years old from Chiang Rai Province and one of his employees. Acha had ordered some Akha Hill Tribe People to move drugs from the North of Thailand into Pathum Thani Province. An investigation team saw a suspicious truck and discovered that the truck was used to deliver drugs to a customer who was waiting at a restaurant by a gas station in the main city of Pathum Thani. Officials revealed themselves and found 40 kilograms of crystal meth. The discovery led to Acha’s arrest and his employee, officials also arrested Rattachat Sombat Suksakul 19 years old in his Pathum Thani home with 100 kilograms of crystal meth hidden inside.


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The next case involves a packet sent in from Germany to Chonburi, Thailand. The NSB opened the package to find 7,300 ecstasy pills sent into a buyer in Thailand. Drug sellers are choosing to order ecstasy that is gaining popularity in Thailand from European Nations through post services, although the option seems simple enough, the address can be used to trace back to the buyer in Thailand. It may seem like an easy way to make money without risking too much, but you are still dealing with drugs.


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Officials tracked the receivers address on the package and arrested the suspect. While police searched his home they also discovered a collection of marijuana. The suspect admitted that he had ordered the ecstasy pills from a buyer he found on the Dark Web and paid using Bitcoin. Another case also involves a package sent in from Germany, this one with 20,000 ecstasy pills. Officials tracked the address and successfully arrested 4 suspects on Nawamin Road, Bangkok. Police found more drugs after searching in the suspect’s room.


Credit: INN News


FB Caption: Ecstasy sellers have been ordering products from the Dark Web using Bitcoin as a payment option.


Source: INN News