Article 44 stays put to control Dhammakaya Temple situation

THAI Deputy Prime Minister Visanu Kruengam confirmed on Wednesday (March 1) that Article 44 will be maintained to keep peace and order at the Dhammakaya Temple, Thai News Agency (TNA) reported.

The issue was not discussed at the cabinet meeting on Tuesday. The operations unit will decide for itself what steps should be taken next, without having to report to the cabinet. No other laws or orders will be enforced, said Visanu.

Order No. 5/2560 issued by the National Peacekeeping Council does not specifically target the area around the Dhammakaya Temple, he said, adding that the order will not be revoked.

The government had anticipated problems and, therefore, invoked Article 44 to allow the head of the National Peace-keeping Council to issue orders. NPC Order No.5/2560 covers all parts of the country, and is not invoked only against the Dhammakaya Temple, said Mr Visanu.

With the order, government officials can take care of people living in the vicinity of the temple.


Top: Dhammakaya Temple monks talking to the media recently. Photo: Thai News Agency

SOURCE: Thai News Agency, synopsis translated by Songpol Kaopatumtip










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