Assets of drug lord’s 6 wives seized

POLICE seized houses of the 6 wives of a drug lord who owned the 560 kilograms of Ice (crystal methamphetamine) and 708,000 amphetamine pills seized in Chiang Mai earlier this week as they have evidence that he laundered money through them, reported today (Feb. 15).

Pol. Maj. Gen. Phanudej Boonrueng, deputy head of Fifth Region Police, took a team of police officers, and officials from the Narcotics Control Board Region 5, to search a grand mansion at Baan Rong Ong housing estate in Chiang Mai today. This mansion has a private swimming poll, 4 luxury cars parked in a separate garage and a storeroom with the land plot being over 3 rai.

The title deed is in the name of Mrs Vilaiporn, 43, who is the 4th wife of Mr Thanyathep or Doi, 52, who owned the 560 kilograms of Ice and 708,000 amphetamine pills Chiang Mai police seized from a big freight company just as it was being loaded onto a container truck for delivery to the South, and then forwarded to a third country.

Here police found lots of financial and documentary evidence, and seized all of it.

drug house 2

Moreover police also seized a three-storey hostel with 30 rooms as well as the house of Thanyathep’s 6th wife in this northern city.

The assets seized so far from the drug lord’s wives total not less than 50 million baht.

An arrest warrant is out for Thanyathep and he is on the run. Aside from chasing him, police are checking his assets and transactions because they suspect that there is a lot more of drug assets hidden in the name of his various wives.


Top: The drug lord’s 4th wife’s mansion which police searched and seized today. Photo: