Auntie filed false report to get tested for Covid-19

An auntie came in and filed a report with the Chonburi Police claiming that she had been raped. The auntie then later came to withdraw the report stating that she made the story up with hopes to get tested for Covid-19. It all started when on 23 march 2020 the auntie named Rapee 50 years old filed a report with Police Lieutenant Colonel Nitit Thongdee.



Rapee stated to Pol.Lt.Col. Nitit that she originally came from Surin Province. She was at the market when a man named Dam approached her and invited Rapee to visit his wife at home who was dealing with Breast Cancer. Rapee had seen this man a few times so she followed him back home. When she arrived, the wife was nowhere to be seen. Dam was drunk and forced Rapee to give him sexual favors. Rapee told Dam that the Covid-19 situation is scary but he didn’t listen and forced her. Rapee even told the police that Dam had been in love with her for a long time and that she came to the police station right after escaping from his home.


The police invited Dam 55 years old to the police station on the same day. Dam stated that he knew Rapee quite well, he always called her “small lady” and on that day he told her to give him a massage. When Rapee arrived she drank 2 shots of Thai rice whiskey and together they agreed that the massage would cost 3,000 THB. After the 2 were done Dam paid Rapee 2,500 THB and promised to pay the rest on the 24th. He was surprised when the police informed him of the report filed against him.


Credit: Sanook


Rapee came to meet Dam and admitted that his story was true. She appeared to be drunk and claimed that after leaving his home she was scared of being infected with Covid-19. She wanted to get checked for the Coronavirus at Chonburi Hospital but didn’t know what reasoning she would give to the doctor. This is when she decided to file a report with the police. After the truth came out Rapee withdrew the police report claiming that she didn’t realize it would become such a big deal, after all, she just wanted to know if she had Covid-19.


FB Caption: Rapee didn’t realize it would become such a big deal, after all, she just wanted to know if she had Covid-19.


Source: Sanook