Australian man gets 19 years for luring Moroccan women into prostitution

AN AUSTRALIAN man was sentenced by the Criminal Court to 19 years in jail today (July 18, 2018) while his 4 accomplices got 16 years each after being found guilty of human trafficking and prostitution charges, INN News reported.

Sentenced to 19 years imprisonment was Mr Michael Pearl while his accomplices, Mr Gassen Wakej, Mr Chalard or Chairat Narachan, Mr Ari or Chaiyakorn Eamsaree and Mrs Hana Taoyuree, were given 16 years each in jail.

The court was told that from October 11, 2016 to March 2017 Pearl, who owned and managed Dream Disco on the 4th floor of Zenith Hotel in Soi Nana, and the other defendants planned and divided duties in luring 4 Moroccan women into prostitution.

The Moroccan women were promised well-paying jobs as waitresses but once here were instead locked up and forced into prostitution.


Top: The suspects going into the Criminal Court today. Photo: INN News