Ayutthaya industrial estate briefly flooded

THE fierce thunderstorm last night led to an industrial estate in Ayutthaya being briefly flooded with some of the floodwater seeping into a few factories but powerful pumps were used to quickly drain out the large volume of water into Chao Phraya river, the Thai-language daily Matichon reported this morning.

Mr Phairat Phetchuan, Bang Pa-in district chief, said it rained torrentially for 4 hours and by 10 p.m.,even has the downpour continued, Hi-Tech industrial Estate at  kilometer 10 of the Asian Highway contacted him that a huge volume of floodwater within the compound had to be drained.

Some of the floodwater had swelled up from the road onto the footpath and into some factories.

Flood 5

The estate managed used 5 large pumps to drain out the floodwater to Chao Phraya river via Bang Lane canal.

Meanwhile government agencies quickly raised the Bang Lane Nai floodgate from 50 centimeters to 120 centimeters and this helped to speedily channel the floodwater into the Chao Phraya river.

Factories in the industrial estate did not suffer any losses with residents on both sides of the canal also not affected.

At the same time the Thai Meteorological Department warned at 4 a.m. this morning that tropical storm Barijat, which is moving westwards at a speed of 20 km/hr, will hit Hainan, China, today.

After that it will turn into a low pressure cell.

Meanwhile the southwest monsoon over the Andaman Sea, Thailand and the Gulf will be stronger. This causes isolated heavy rain in the North, the Northeast, the Central and the East of the country.

Super typhoon Mangkhut will likely hit the the Philippines and Taiwan tomorrow and the day after (September 14-15). It will then move into the South China Sea and head to Hong Kong, China before making landfall over southern China by September 16-18.

The strong southwesterly monsoon over the Andaman Sea, and the Gulf of Thailand will lead to more rain with some heavy downpour being forecast for the country, especially in the western monsoon area, or in other words, the Central, the East and the South (west coast).

People in this area should be aware of the impact of the severe conditions that could lead to flash floods, the overflow of rivers, and landslides.

The strong wind-wave in the Andaman Sea is likely 2-3 meters high and the upper Gulf of Thailand about 2 meters high. All ships should proceed with caution, and small boats keep ashore until September 18.


Top: The flooded Hi-Tech Industrial Estate.

In-text: Floodwater seeping into one of the factories at this industrial estate. Photos taken by Mr Phairat Phetchuan and published by Matichon