Baby elephant born at dawn in Lampang

Lampang – After over 20-month pregnancy Phangmomodlo gave birth to a baby elephant at dawn today at the Friends of the Asian Elephant Foundation here and both mother elephant and baby jumbo are doing well, Thai News Agency said today (March 1).

Dr Crueahtong Kayan, a veterinarian at the Friends of the Asian Elephant Foundation’s elephant hospital in Lampang’s Hang Chat district and officials closely monitored 28-year-old Phangmomodlo, who came from Chiang Mai, throughout her over 20 months of pregnancy which culminated in the delivery of her healthy male baby jumbo weighing 70 kilograms at dawn today .

Mother jumbo lovingly cleaned the new born elephant and quickly fed him.

This is Phangmomodlo’s second baby with the first one being a female and right now both mother and baby jumbos are at an elephant delivery center which the people here built with their own funds and dedicated it to the late His Majesty King Bhumibol Adulyadej to conserve and build up Thai elephant population.


Top; Happy mother and baby elephants in Lampang. Photo: Thai News Agency


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