Baby is born! at Covid-19 checkpoint.

Officials at a Covid-19 checkpoint in Chai Nat Province were all pretty excited when a mother gave birth at the checkpoint by the road. Officials rushed in to help and the baby was born healthy and happy. The incident took place at 6 am on 26 May 2020 at the Suan Nok Covid-19 checkpoint in Chai Nat Province. Officials from the Chai Nat Provincial Public Health Office and local nurses helped give birth to a 30-year-old mother. A car with the license plate 6416 drove into the checkpoint with an emergency. The woman was in labor and as soon as officials realized what was happening they all got in to help. The child was born crying as a hello to the world.



Local lottery players have noted the license plate number and are on the hunt for lottery tickets in Chai Nat. The father stated that the family works in Chai Nat. In the early hours of the 26th the mother started to have strong contractions and realized that she was in labor, the baby was ready to enter the world. The couple rushed to the car and were heading to the Chainat Narenthorn Hospital where they planned to have the baby. The mother knew that the baby was ready to come out and they couldn’t make it in time.


Credit: Sanook


Luckily, the couple arrived at the Covid-19 checkpoint and notified officials of what was happening. This is their 4th child but first ever to have been born in a car. The mother was very tired from the incident and didn’t want to answer too many questions relating to the incident. Yutthaporn Pirunsarn the Chai Nat City District Chief stated that officials that the officials in the incident were on duty since the night of the 26th. Then when morning arrived they saw a car coming in with a mother in labor. Luckily, there were nurses and officials from the Chai Nat Health Office working at the checkpoint during the time. One of the nurses used to work at the Obstetrics and Gynecology Department with years in the delivery room. The umbilical cord was tied with the ear loop of a medical mask. The newborn was then delivered to the Chai Nat Narenthorn Hospital.



FB Caption: A mother had given birth at a Covid-19 checkpoint by the road in Chai Nat.


Source: Sanook