Bad storm damages raft houses carrying tourists

A FIERCE rainstorm with strong winds in Kanchanaburi last night (April 1) led to 75 tourists rafting on a lake at Srinakarin Dam having to scurry to the safety of an island in the middle of this lake, Thai News Agency said today.

These tourists were enjoying themselves on three raft houses when torrential rains and high winds caused these rafts to collide with each other damaging parts of them which led to the tourists having quickly get to and take shelter on the island overnight.

Late this morning top Kanchanaburi officials and raft operators hired two boats and brought the stranded tourists safely back on shore. Aside from fatigue over this hair-raising escape none of the tourists showed any sign of injury.


Top: Tourists sheltering on the island in the middle of the dam lake last night. Photo: Thai News Agency


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