Baka gang arrested with 650 kg crystal meth.

Members of Baka gang in Thailand have been arrested with 650 kilograms of crystal meth. The suspects reveal they met in prison and received payment of 350,000 THB. Police Lieutenant General Jirapop Puridej and related officials from the Suppression Division reported the case on 8 May 2023. Anurak 33 years old along with 12 other suspects have been arrested along with evidence including 650 kg crystal meth, 3 vehicles (car and trucks), a gun, and bullets. All suspects were arrested in the main city of Saraburi Province. 



Officials revealed they received information that drugs were being moved into Bangkok on 2 vehicles. There would be other vehicles driving in front and behind the 2 main vehicles as security. A team was organized to work on the case and find the vehicles. Police kept watch and finally, they spotted 3 vehicles that match the description given by a detective. The cars were moving into Sa Kaeo Province. Officials successfully arrested the 12 suspects. 



All suspects admitted Anurak is the group leader. He was hired by investors from the Baka group to deliver drugs to an agent in Bangkok. Anurak met the gang while in prison and agreed on the job for 350,000 THB. He asked some teenagers near his home to come to work with him for a payment of 20,000 THB each. He has done this 3 times before. All suspects are facing charges relating to drug distribution, weapon ownership without a license, carrying a gun in public, and other related charges. 


Credit: Khaosod


FB Caption: The group leader met Baka gang members while in prison. 

Source: Khaosod