Banana-eating fish draw temple donors

IT all started with a few visitors to Si Donmoon Temple in Chiang Mai bringing along bunches of banana to give to the Buddhist monks there. As more visitors came, the amount of banana had grown and the temple abbot did not know what to do.

One young monk got an idea and gave small pieces of banana to the fish they keep in a pond, and they loved it. As word spread about the fish, more visitors came to feed them, and shared their photos online, reported today (May 26, 2018).

“I think many people come here just to see our pet fish,” said the temple abbot. “Children also enjoy feeding them and have written essays about the temple.”


Top: The Chiang Mai temple fish enjoying pieces of banana. Photo:

Below: A woman giving bananas to the temple fish. Photo:

By Songpol Kaopatumtip

Giving fish banana