Bangkok, 2nd Most Popular City Destination in the World.

Bangkok City has secured its place as one of the most popular destination cities in the world. Euromonitor International research company revealed the list of the 100 most popular city destinations in the world. Bangkok is expected to remain in the 2nd place, as usual losing to Hongkong that has an average of less than 1 million more international arrivals than Bangkok.


The situations in Hongkong this year took place later in the year, passing the highest Chinese tourist arrivals numbers in the first 6 months. As a result, Hongkong has a decrease of 8.7% of international arrivals but the city remained its position as No.1. Hongkong has been on the top of the list with Bangkok running behind at 2nd place since 2013, this is the 6th year and chances that it remains the same continues in 2020.




Bangkok has a growth rate of 6.9% with approximately 25.8 Million international arrivals in 2019. Euromonitor states that Thailand has invested in pulling in more international tourists against competitors like Hongkong and Singapore with the introduction of Icon Siam, a high-end shopping destination. The mall advertises to the main group of high-income Chinese tourists. There are also other projects that help promote Thai tourism including the Amazing Thailand Go Local Campaign that advertises tourism in smaller cities around the nation.






From 2018 to 2019 the most popular city destinations around the world consist mostly of cities in Asia. In 2018 Hongkong won with a number of international arrivals at 29,262,700 while Thailand had a number of 24,177,500. In 2019 this year Hongkong won with a number of 26,716,800 while Thailand has a number of 25,847,800. Running in 3rd place in 2018 was London with a number of 19,233,000 while this year Macau takes 3rd place with a number of 20,637,100 international arrivals.


FB Caption:  In 2019 this year Hongkong won with a number of 26,716,800 while Thailand has a number of 25,847,800 international arrivals.


Source: Thai Quote, Sanook, Euromonitor International