Bangkokians in the dark over freak weather

THE biggest-selling Thai-language daily Thai Rath hit out at the Pollution Control Department (PCD) this afternoon (Jan. 24) after it failed to answer the paper’s request for an explanation about the cause of the freak weather.

A large number of Bangkokians have been calling the mass-circulation daily since morning. “I called and a PCD official said he had no idea about the freak weather,” a caller said.

“Another official told me to write him a letter and he will forward it to higher officials.”

Thai Rath advised readers who have respiratory problems to stay indoors, or wear a face mask if they have to go outdoors.


Top: The freak weather in Bangkok today, at left, while image at right shows some Bangkokians covering their noses as they get around the city. Photos:  Thai Rath

By Songpol Kaopatumtip