Bank forecloses on wrong house, all belongings gone.

A bank forecloses on the wrong home and sells all belongings inside. The owner has come out to the media and asks for help. He has been the owner of this home for 14 years and one day returns home to find a sale sign stating that his home is now owned by the bank. The main belongings that he wants back are sentimental items. The bank has not made a statement on the incident. A woman made a complaint with a famous lawyer in Thailand named Ronarong Kaewpetch after she returned to an empty home. 



Almost 1 month has passed since the home was wrongly seized but the bank has not yet taken any responsibility. The owner reveals some of the items were even burned. Somkiat 53 years old and Kanchana 45 years old the victims went to meet with the lawyer on 3 October 2022. The lawyer went to visit the home located in Pathum Thani Province. The bank took over the home on 5 September 2022. They started renovating the home and placed a large sign in front stating “property of the bank, do not enter”. There were workers living inside using the power and water for 3-4 days. During the time the owners were living at their other home. 



A neighbor called them asking if they were selling the home. The same neighbor called the bank which made them realize they had taken over the wrong home. The bank removed the sign and left behind a pink key. When the owners returned, they cried because it was all changed. The trees were cut down and it was empty. All their clothes, books, amulets, family pictures, and electrical appliances are all gone. They have a lot of memories inside and there was nothing left. The bank has not replied to the family, and it has been almost a month since the incident. The bank stated they will make a statement on the 4th after the story went viral.     


Credit: Khaosod


FB Caption: It has been almost a month and the bank has not taken any responsibility.  

Source: Khaosod