Banker baffled at car being vandalized

SCRATCHING his head in puzzlement is a young banker as he wondered why vandals viciously attacked his car, squirting hot glue into the keyholes, pouring brake fluid all over it and smashing a wing mirror, reported today (April 26).

Mr Sucheep Noichinda, 48, who works at a Government Savings Bank branch in nearby Chacheongsao province, was shocked when he returned to his Mitsubishi sedan, which he had carefully parked by the side of Maha Chakkraphat road, in a bad state last night.

He called the police and Pol Capt Somsak Sinarong, an investigator at Chachoengsao police station, came to investigate and verified that this sedan had indeed been vandalized as an empty tube of hot glue was found in a nearby bin.

Sucheep said he does not know why this happened because he had not quarreled with anyone. Moreover the spot he chose to park his car was not troubling anyone nor blocking the way.

Police are working on tracking down the vandals.


Top: Sucheep standing next to his vandalized car. Photo: