BBQ Seller helps foreigner who ends up stealing his money.

Surichat 50 years old got his money stolen by a foreigner in Khon Kaen Province. The victim tells his story in his home to Sanook News Team on the 18th of this month (August 2019).


Surichat works as a food vendor selling BBQ. The foreigner often walked past his shop. One day he bought some BBQ from Surichat and he was also holding a bottle of beer. The foreigner sat in front of the victim’s shop, eating and drinking. Surichat invited the man to come to dine inside as it was comfier than sitting on the road. Turns out they started chatting and the man stated his name was Stuart claiming he was from England. Stuart told Surichat that he used to have a wife and one child in Tha Phra, Bangkok. One day his wife kicked him out so he is currently staying at a hostel in Khon Kaen province.


Credit: Sanook
Credit: Sanook


After the first chat, Stuart came to visit with Surichat everyday drinking inside of Surichats BBQ shop. After a while, Stuart asked for Surichat’s number and email. Stuart always asked Surichat to call Win motorbike services for him, whether it was to pick him up from the hostel or to drop him off somewhere. Surichat always helped as he thought they were friends and didn’t think anything of it.


Then one day, Stuart called Surichat telling him that he had lost his wallet at a local mall, the Win motorbike driver felt sorry for Stuart so he dropped him off at the hostel for free. The next day Stuart told Surichat he had a friend visiting from England who was bringing him his mom’s credit card. He was going to Bangkok to see the friend.


Then when the day came he sent Surichat a picture stating that his friend got in a fight with an Australian man and was in trouble with the police, so he had nowhere to stay and couldn’t get his mom’s credit card. Surichat felt sorry for the man so he sent 1,000 THB to Stuart. 2 days after Stuart gave him the money back. The next day he sent a mail asking to borrow 300 THB. Surichat asked Stuart where he was going to find money so he let Stuart borrow 2,000 THB and another 2,000 THB the day after.


A few days later Surichat asked Stuart if his mom had sent him any money. Stuart told Surichat that he was going to find some money in Tha Phra, Bangkok. Stuart disappears for a while and Surichat was worried for his safety so he texted Stuart again stating “Everyone is worried about you”. As a surprise Stuart texted back stating “You are Stupid” along with sending inappropriate pictures to Surichat’s wife.


Surichat realized that Stuart was a fraud and his money was stolen from him. He later found out there was another victim who lost 10,000 THB about 4 months ago. Surichat will file the case with the police after gathering all of the evidence.


FB Caption: As a surprise Stuart texted back stating “You are Stupid” along with sending inappropriate pictures to Surichat’s wife.

Source: Sanook